Javascript Version

We will start learning ES2015 . Make sure you have compatible browsers. Safe bet is to use either Chrome or Firefox.


I will be brief. Javascript was created in 10 days by Brendan Eich in '95 . This is important to know as it helps us in understanding why it is so notorious. Because of the short span of time, it was made to be very simple and forgiving.

It was first named as Mocha, then LiveScript , then finally released to public as Javascript to get big brother backing. Apart from that reason there is no relation between Java and Javascript . There was a little friction on who should own the rights for the language between Netscape and Microsoft. Netscape approached ECMA (European Computer Manufacturers Association) and got their code standardized. There was a confusion on what it should be named and for the time being, they named it 'ECMASCRIPT' . That named stuck forever. To this day, official name of Javascript is Ecmascript.

Major versions

  • ECMASCRIPT 2 in 1998
  • ECMASCRIPT 3 in 1999
  • ECMASCRIPT 5 in 2009
  • ECMASCRIPT 6 in 2015 ( name changed to ECMASCRIPT2015)
  • ECMASCRIPT2016 in 2016
  • ECMASCRIPT2017 [draft]

2015 is a major release with lot of new inclusions. It was decided to have a new version every year and the naming changed from numbers to year of release.